Trailer TẬP 2 | LALA SCHOOL – MÙA 3 |Hailey bị mẹ ngăn cấm ước mơ – Gina M thả thính Mon Hoàng Anh😍

Trailer TẬP 2 | LALA SCHOOL – MÙA 3 |Hailey bị mẹ ngăn cấm ước mơ – Gina M thả thính Mon Hoàng Anh😍
Trailer VOLUME 2 | Hailey was banned by her mother – Gina M released Mon Hoang Anh

Episode 2 FULL – LALA SCHOOL SEASON 3 hits the channel on youtube P336 at 19H Sunday, December 16, 1818, invited the whole house to see 😎

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. 2

Series Film The LALA SCHOOL is a continuation of season two of the P336 youths who have to overcome challenges and difficulties to reach their musical dreams. Along with that is the emotional vibration early life of the new age of the team members.
However, in this section, a new music school is emerging confronting Lala. This has made Lala school difficult. The P336 group also experienced a misunderstanding that led to disbandment. In order to regain the glory and honor of the school, the P336 group once again revived all members. Non-group members were also enrolled at Lala to be able to represent the school in competition with the school. Will victory come to this young group of enthusiastic?
In addition, family factors are highlighted in part 3, each family situation of the P336 is exploited deeper and more moving. Family is an obstacle, but it is also the motivation for you to try to come to prove to the family just passion, you can do it all.

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Trailer TẬP 2 | LALA SCHOOL – MÙA 3 |Hailey bị mẹ ngăn cấm ước mơ – Gina M thả thính Mon Hoàng Anh😍

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